Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Follow Me, Where I Go...

Yikes! I didn't mean to break into song there. :-) According to Blog Directions, I'm supposed to tell you to Follow Me so I put a handy "tool" on my bloggy thing and you can click on it and never lose me. If you want to. Somehow. Can you tell I'm new at this? ...Looks like you push the Follow button and sign in and then it'll put me on your page or something. Okay that's enough technical stuff for tonight.

By the way, I'm also a closet cross stitcher. I guess I should say "counted thread-er." I have to say closet because if I were to do that at work people would expect me to carry it. I also still knit quite frequently in my spare time (HA!). In the past I've also been known to crochet, quilt, rug hook, do hardanger, spin, weave (but I cheated, somebody else set up the loom), punchneedle...I think I've just about tried everything at least once.

I'm only telling you this because I made a gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up and I did NOT needlepoint it. I can't post it yet because she might be reading this and that would ruin the surprise. Are you wondering if it's you? :-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

February Stitch a Forest Plant a Tree

I finished the January Tree so it only makes sense to start the one I picked for February (above). This one has a LOT of fun stuff going on so I'm going to do it as suggested and not make any changes. Lots of threads and stitches make this one a real stand out. So far, as you might be able to tell, I did the very top green part and added the overlay snowflake, the second stripe and finished the third which is a variety of colors and stitches. I started the fourth which is all the same stitch in red. I'll give you pictures as I keep working on it.

I was kind of interrupted in my February tree because I finally started working on my Melissa Shirley pear piece! Wow! I was trying to save it for this weekend's getaway but I got a little too excited. So far I have the first pear stitched but not the beads on it and not the stem on it. The colors on this are a little off from the real canvas but I hope you get the idea. Most of my stitching time is on the weekend although I do get to stitch a little in the evening. I hope I have some time during the getaway too. How cool are these pears?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Needlepoint Now

Are you old enough to remember Steve Martin in the movie, The Jerk? Remember the part when he got all excited and said something like "The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here! I'M SOMEBODY NOW!"

Well today the November/December 2009 issue of Needlepoint Now came in with my first ever color advertisement and I heard somebody say "Needlepoint Now is here, Needlepoint Now is here! I'm somebody now!"

So maybe I'm losing it. :-)

Kathy Schenkel Mini Stocking Trunk Show

Somebody asked me today how the mini socks worked since they couldn't come in to see them. Since Kathy Schenkel's pictures online are just pictures and my website pictures aren't that great either, here's a finished one I did.
I have a thing for rabbits and this one looking up at the carrots hanging above was too much for me to resist. I turkeyworked his head, body and tail, making the tail a lot longer for a 3D effect of the tail being closer to you. I did a bargello in the night sky with was was then Needle Necessities overdyed floss. Petite Sparkle Rays by Rainbow Gallery and Petite Frosty Rays make up the stars and carrots. I had some fun with this little guy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cleaning and Walking and Shopping

Monday, Monday. What do I get to do every Monday you ask? At least I ASSUME you're asking.

1. Grocery shop. Eek.

2. Clean house. Yuck.

3. Catch up on work related stuff I didn't get done during the week. Blech.

4. Hopefully have some puppy play time. Yay!

Today was so nice Star and I took a walk. I'd like to know why it tires ME out more than her. And don't give that stuff about how old I am. She'll be catching up to me soon enough. After that we played ball outside. She always gives me the sad look when I've had enough. I don't think she can ever get enough ball.

Here's a picture of her back in August when my nephew left and she was giving him the sad look.

If I could just teach her how to stitch...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stitch a Forest, Plant a Tree

Hi Stitchers!

My name is Theresa and I'm the happy owner of Homestead Needle Arts in Grand Blanc, Michigan. I have a "brick and mortar shop" which I've had for 5-1/2 years now. I have a website with info and shopping cart at http://www.homesteadneedlearts.com/. I'm IMMERSED in all things needlepoint. If you like to stitch, love threads, or just like golden retrievers, you might want to follow along. My puppy Star gets to come to work with me nearly daily. She's almost three now and has been coming to work since she came to live with me at the ripe old age of 7 weeks. I'm sure she's the most beautiful dog in the world. I know, your dog is beautiful too but mine is ... well, mine!

Seeing as the end of the year is looming, I have to plan for next year. Every year people like to have an Ornament Club. So this time, I decided on the "Stitch a Forest, Plant a Tree" Club for 2010. Guess who is supposed to have the trees stitched at least one month ahead of the members? The unique thing about THIS club is that members get to choose who I make a donation to - Rainforest Foundation or American Forest. Did I mention I love the outdoors?

Just last week I decided which order the trees will be done in and then picked up the first one and went to town. I'm happy to report that it was done in no time at all. I'm serious. It couldn't have taken me more than 3 or 4 hours. I wasn't timing it but really, take a look at it. It only has 3 colors and 3 stitches. Not to tough, eh?

Well the red and green areas ARE composite stitches and there are a couple of different threads in there but you know what I mean! Anyway, I even stitched the 2 rows around the edge for the finisher, one of my LEAST favorite things to do. So what next? I decided this tree was a little ... bare. And so I went to town on it.

Doesn't it look more like a tree with those ornaments? This is the best part - that took me about 4 minutes. They're just Hot Fix Embellishments brought to us by Kreinik. Debbie of Debbee's Designs uses them in some of her jewel series. Aren't they cool looking? I almost started draping tinsel on it too but decided I better relax and think about a tree-topper. Star or puffy ball?

My next question is how do I want to finish them? The designer had them all in little white spools on skinny "tree trunks". I'm trying to decide if I want that or to make them 3D or with ruffled edges, flat, stand-up...maybe some of each! If YOU walked in the shop, what would you want to see? Of course there will be 12 of them in the end. You can see them all here http://homesteadneedlearts.com/detail.cfm?ID=2129 OR just click on the title to this blog and it'll take you to the link I provided above.

But before you go, let me know what you think.