Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After Christmas

Geez, three weeks since I posted. What a bum!

I had a great Christmas because I was able to actually give gifts again this year. Not to many handmade of course! I did give one of my sisters the CUTEST needlepointed ornament that looks just like her car. Here it is...

This one was really hard to give away because it was so darling! I don't have a Mini Cooper but it was just so cute hanging on my tree. Oh well. Maybe in my next life. :-)

Also I received Sirirus XM radio which is the best thing for long distance drivers. I discovered this little gem on my way to PA at Thanksgiving in the rental car. I always thought people who paid for radio must be nuts. Now I know why they do. There's something about choosing your own music via their 3 gazillion stations and not having to listen to all those ads. I know, I should LOVE ads, right? I'm in sales, right? Well I don't. But I DO love listening to MY version of the golden oldies which is the 70's and 80's. Hysterical, isn't it? Sometimes, I switch to the 60's just to see how many of those I know. I suppose eventually I'll try more of the stations which I was doing on Christmas Day but for now, it's nice to be rocking to the oldies. While I clean my office. YIKES!

Honestly, what do you think I do when I take a week off? Go on a moonlit cruise? Shop til' I drop? No, I get ready for tax time and do inventory. I try to clean my office - I swear I'm doing it! My office also doubles as storage which is just BAD! I keep throwing out tons of of old papers and files and wonder why I kept things like all those newsletters from guilds I received 5 years ago. I keep finding things that belong at home (just so you know, when I'm at home cleaning, I keep finding things that belong at work). Then I find all those projects that I was going to start or teach or stitch for somebody. And that is like the opposite of making resolutions. I guess year end is a good time to do it.

Okay, off I go!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Saw Santa

I saw Santa Claus this morning in an old blue Buick at US 23 and Grand Blanc Road. I am NOT kidding. He had his window down and was driving westbound on Grand Blanc Road. He didn't see me but I sure saw him! I've seen him before. Years ago I saw him in Ferndale on Nine Mile Road. He was driving a really old Pinto that time. I had somebody in the car with me and we both waved and he waved back. I always wonder if he's on the way to the mall or just driving around to see if anybody notices him. After all it was 9:15 this morning and that's pretty early to be driving to a mall. Still it just proves if you watch really closely you can always see something you didn't expect. :-) Of course one might think Michigan is close to the North Pole. I think my sister Chris thinks that. She lives in Arizona. Ha!

I can post a picture now of what I made for my friend Cheryl since I'm finally going to give it to her today and there's little chance she'll see this picture first. She loves cats. OH MY GOSH don't have a heart attack, it's not needlepoint!

Front of fob

Back of fob

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Things I learned while on vacation:

1. Mapquest is not always right. Either own a GPS or have a detailed map with you of the area you're in.
2. Pennsylvania is FULL of roads. They all go somewhere but not usually where you want them to. I think it has something to do with the hills.
3. Pennsylvania is NOT full of McDonald's. Which is a good thing really. Until you're really really REALLY hungry (or worse yet, have to go to the bathroom) and you're driving around in the middle of somewhere and there's nothing but houses and hills and lots of scenery. By the way, if you get hungry and you see a bar, stop and eat. You'll be pleasantly surprised. We tried to stop at an Italian place but it wasn't open yet. So the bar got our business and BOY WAS THE BARBECUE GOOD! The name is Phamous Phils and I think it was on Swamp Pike. If you paid me to find it again, I couldn't but my sister could. She has a GPS. :-)
4. When you want something like a Coke or a candy bar or coffee you don't stop at a Stop N Go, or a 7-11. You stop at Wawa. I just about split a gut laughing at that name. Wawa! Wawa! Don't get me started.

Of course I took some needlepoint with me and started a new project! I hope to have it done for Christmas. I didn't take a picture yet. Cheers!