Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reading, Stitching and Zombies

There was a stitch in today at the Homestead and we were talking about books. Who among us does not love to read? Out of the 5 of us there, it turns out 1 of us does not love to read (gasp!) The other 4 of us do! (and you gentle reader? Obviously you do!)

Anyway, the 4 of us were vehemently - well okay - agreeably but loudly - discussing books and happily confusing each other by talking all at once when ONE of us thought that SOMEBODY was referring to those books called something like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Our famed and favored eldest member struck that one down with a simple "I don't like zombies" much like you or I would say "I don't like vegetables" and went hurriedly on to explain what book she was reading. My stitching neighbor and I went into paroxysms of mirth over her zombie comment and I had to ask if she like vampires to which the answer was "No I don't like any blood suckers." What? Do they really exist? Besides mosquitoes I mean.

I suspected at this point I had had FAR TOO MUCH CAFFEINE AND SUGAR but honestly, now that's it's late at night and the caffeine and sugar is gone from my system, some much more serious questions come to mind like

... do zombies stitch? And if so, at Halloween do they stitch people in various normal poses? And what about vampires? It seems to me that vampires are a vast untapped market for needlepoint customers. Does anybody out there know a vampire itchin' to be stitchin'? Don't even tease me about werewolves for pete's sake! How would they hold a needle? Honestly, I'm not THAT stupid!

So saying, I must sign off and go dream about...a normal life. :-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back from Vacation

Wow! I returned from my wild west vacation to find that my background was "missing" on my blog page. I don't know why since the html code was still there. Nobody said I was a programmer, I'm just a user. Uh-huh. My sister is kind enough to call me a super-user but...still...I just follow the instructions.

So I took off the old and put on the new autumnal background. I hope you like it. I changed out the window at work today too. I took down the cherries and put up the acorns and fall leaves. I took the floral and cherry canvases out of the window and put up Christmas and snow. I know. The "s" word. That was brutal. I would have put autumn and Halloween in the window but last week I put all of them way far up on the walls and I wasn't going to pull any of them down to stick them in the window. Besides, people should be stitching their Christmas already. Finishing deadlines LOOM BEFORE US!!! I'm starting to get the panicky calls from stitchers asking about the deadline. I tell them Christmas comes every year but few are amused.

I suppose you want pictures but today you're stuck with me rambling. How's this? I got some bright pink window paint and painted 200,000 Miles on the back window of my car this morning AFTER I had it washed. This is so that THE WHOLE WORLD would know that my car rolled 200,000 miles. As you must know, I'm also having a 2 day sale to commemorate this momentous event. Sometime around noon it started raining. Portions of my bright pink lettering flaked off and became one with the rising floodwaters of the parking lot. Other tiny bits of pink ran down to make my car look like it had a mild case of measles. (sigh) I drove it home sadly as no strangers honked and waved to help me celebrate my so far once-in-a-lifetime event. Then I wiped off the rest of the tiny dots as much as possible so that they wouldn't melt overnight causing my blue car to look like it had now contracted a case of oozing Barbie-itis. Yes, you get to read here ALL the excitement in the life of your local shopowner.

But seriously. Now I will park my behind in my chair and continue to work madly upon next year's Project of the Month which Shall Remain a Secret Until its Revealing. That could be some time away at this rate. I like them though. That's all I can say. Oh that and it's fun. :-)