Friday, June 20, 2014

The Bad Thing

The bad thing about rarely blogging is that THEY KEEP CHANGING THE WAY BLOGGER WORKS!  Dang, do they think I'm smart or something?  I have to re-learn it every time.  It's a good thing they have little pictures on here or I'd never figure things out.
So!  What's new in your life?  Mine?  It's the same.  I get up.  I go to work.  I run about the shop filling orders, placing orders for more threads and canvases, answering the phone, helping the folks who come in, paying bills, and then?  I go home.  I eat dinner.  I watch t.v. and STITCH.  I go to bed.  And I do it again.  And somehow I enjoy every single minute of it.  :-)
You know what would be fun?  If you and I were to change places for a day or two.  Yeah!  You come and run the shop for a day!  Wouldn't you like that?  But what do YOU do?  Do you (ick) drive somewhere every day and work in an office?  Eek.  I used to do that.  Do you stay at home and (yikes) CLEAN THE HOUSE and cook meals and maybe even GARDEN?  I might be able to garden.   Do you get up and go to McDonald's and hang out drinking coffee and talking to complete strangers?  I could do that.  Do you run around doing volunteer work and good deeds for others?  I could do that too - if they weren't HARD good deeds.  Do you go on long vacations to faraway exotic places?  For SURE I could do that!  But really - do you sit at home and stitch?  Because I REALLY REALLY could do that.  Just let me know.  And if this works out, maybe I can start charging people for working at the shop in my place.   Just give me a call to sign up for that exclusive fun time!
Talk to you next time!