Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Crumb!  I haven't posted in so long they've gone and changed EVERYTHING on Blogger.  Oh well, how hard can it be to re-learn it?  :-)

Homestead Needle Arts is having a HUG ME BAGS TRUNK SHOW this month, June 2012.  These are Made in America bags that you can rely on to carry your stitching (or knitting) for years to come.  Lots of nice fabrics, most zip shut, some have see through plastic pockets sewn into them.  Nice!  They sent a few fancy frame weights with ribbons, ort boxes that include pin cushions on the box lid inside, darling totes with tiny bows, bags big enough to carry a Christmas stocking on stretcher bars, your floor frame and can see all the styles at and choose your favorite fabric and style.  We all love bags I think.

I've been - um - cleaning?  De-cluttering?  Downsizing?  I'm not sure of the right expression.  I opened my stitching room closet to find tons of totes.  Billions of bags.  All of them empty and hanging in the spare closet awaiting projects to fill them.  That's what I like to see.  I don't deny myself a new tote or two if I like them.  While in New York last month I bought a new tote at the New York Library featuring their lion statues in a kind of outline.  Hard to describe but, hey!  I can always use a tote.  Sure enough, I've brought supplies into work with it, and work back home in it.  Eventually it will find some project or two in it.  And a book.  Those seem to go with a good tote.

Happy stitching!

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